Following up after networking events

Over on the 4Networking forum I asked people what they wanted to know about business networking, and promised I would answer, by blog, video, or podcast. You can see the original post here –
My first question came from Martin Gaunt – you’ll find him @PCTechBedford on Twitter. He asked about how to successfully follow up after networking events. His actual words were – “Stef, I have never cracked this, what do you do after a 4N meeting. Following up, it sounds easy, but how do you get it to work, without seeming pushy.”
I’ve written about following up before, as in my experience this is where SO many people let themselves down at networking events. They spend so much time getting right what they do at the event itself, yet they forget that the important part is the follow up.
You can see my other couple of articles here – Following up, why you have to move onto their turf and 6 spectacular ways to move onto their turf using social media.
But I made this one specially for Martin. So, here’s a little introduction video, followed by the slideshare I put together.
Martin, I hope it’s useful.


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Claire McTernan – Employee to Business Owner

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Samantha Rollins, Trinity Accountants