3 things you can do this week to make your networking even more successful

How is your networking week looking? Do you have any networking events planned?
I try to maintain an average of two networking events every week, as well as my pretty much constant presence across social media. The impact on my results is measurable and more to the point the negative impact is measurable if I’m ever not out there, so I keep it up.
Here are three things which you can do, which I believe will have a big positive impact on your networking this week.

  1. Audit your networking. The very first thing you can do is to look back at last week. Who did you meet? Who did you promise to follow up with? Have you done what you said you were going to do? SO many opportunities slip through the net simply because we forget, simply because real life creeps in as soon as we leave the networking event and simply because we don’t follow up when we said we would. Go back through those business cards, look at your diary and remind yourself who you spoke to, and then do what you said you would. I wrote an article about this a little while ago, you’ll find it here – Doing a weekly audit of your networkingAlso, if you’re reading this at the beginning of a week, make sure you book some time in your diary at the end of this week to do the same again (and preferably do so every week).
  2. Prepare, so that you make the right impact. Don’t just turn up and “wing it”. Think about what you’re going to say, particularly in your 40 or 60 second introduction. What can you say that will help people to understand why they need to talk to you, or why they should refer their contacts to you. I’ve written a couple of things which might help you to prepare, the first is 5 tricks to help you feel more confident at networking events and the second is Networking – you only need one hat – particularly important if you are running more than one business. Preparing will help you to feel more confident, and will give you a significantly increased chance of starting the right conversations. And finally:
  3. Make it easy for people to buy from youWhen you follow up with people (see point 1!) make sure that you aren’t putting obstacles in the way of them buying from you. Remember that people have pretty unlimited choice and, unless someone desperately needs or wants what you’re selling, they probably won’t jump through hoops to buy it. Far too many sales are lost just because buying the service seems like a good idea at first, but then simply becomes too much hassle.

Whatever you do, enjoy your networking week ahead and, if you have any notable successes, or networking questions, feel free to Tweet me, message me on Facebook or LinkedIn, or even send me a wave on Anchor.

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