5 articles which will help you if you're nervous about networking

Over in my Facebook group The Networking Retreat I get quite a lot of people talking about their first experiences of networking.
And one of the consistent threads is that people, from all walks of life and business, can get nervous about networking.
At my very first networking event back in 2005 I was very nervous and, to a greater degree, a lot of my success from networking has come from getting over myself.
I’ve pulled together these five articles, all along the same theme, and I hope some of the hints and tips help.

  1. Are you nervous about networking?
  2. 5 tricks to help you feel more confident about networking
  3. DON’T get over your nerves at business networking events
  4. Business networking – a second chance to make a first impression?
  5. And finally, I was quoted in The Guardian don’t you know – Shhh, quiet: an introvert’s guide to business networking

Let me know if these are useful to you.

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