Aim to be the first to bring value to your networking relationships

You know I do a LOT of networking and, if you’re reading this, I’m going to presume┬áthat you do too.

After returning from a networking event the other day, I received an Email which broadly read “Hi Stephan, it was great to meet you this morning, I see that you are connected to XXX on LinkedIn, please will you refer me to him”.

I get a lot of these. Maybe you do too.

I got another Email from someone I had met at the same event. This one read “Hi Stefan, thanks for your time. You know you mentioned that you were struggling with X in your business? I’ve researched a few resources which I think might help. Hope they’re useful and let’s keep in touch”.

Which one do you reckon got binned and which one do you reckon I now feel like I owe something to and want to find a way to do something in return, like refer them to someone for example….

Following up with people is one thing, and I know I go on and on about that. But following up and giving value raises you to a whole new level with your contacts.

The same approach applies on social media as well. If you never read, like, comment on, or share other people’s content, why do you expect them to do the same for yours? In 2019 you can absolutely and demonstrably show people that you’re paying attention to them by doing exactly that.

If all anyone did was broadcast – who would be there to read, listen and watch? If all anyone wants to do is sell – who is there to buy?

It is possible to give so much value, and yet most people wait for the other person to move first.

Aim to be the first person to give value in every new relationship. My friend who sent me the information I mentioned above is now on the (long) list of people I owe a favour to. That means I will actively look out for referrals and opportunities and I will make a beeline for her the next time we are in a room together.

Simply pitching up and asking for referrals and sales just isn’t enough. It also isn’t effective. Giving value constantly, consistently will win you far more referrals and sales in the long run.

“I implemented one more thing from the Retreat and it has resulted in a new client which gives me a positive ROI within 6 days”
Claire McTernan – Employee to Business Owner

“within two months I went from an average of one client per month from networking, to five clients”
Samantha Rollins, Trinity Accountants