Why I joined the 4Networking team

When I joined 4Networking back in 2007 I got involved on the local team straightaway. Jen Hinds, the Regional Leader for 4Networking in Manchester and Cheshire and @JenHinds on Twitter, asked me to put together a tiny piece, helping prospective teams in her part of the country understand what I had got from my team role […]

The 40 seconds round

Thanks Petrina Baldwin @selfemployedtmp for your question for my 10 days of content. Petrina asked me about the 40 seconds round at 4Networking. I hope I’ve given some useful information in the video below plus, the free chapter of my book, Business Networking for Dummies is solely about your networking introduction. You can get a free […]

Following up after networking events

Over on the 4Networking forum I asked people what they wanted to know about business networking, and promised I would answer, by blog, video, or podcast. You can see the original post here – http://www.4networking.biz/Forum/ViewTopic/153485. My first question came from Martin Gaunt – you’ll find him @PCTechBedford on Twitter. He asked about how to successfully follow […]

“I implemented one more thing from the Retreat and it has resulted in a new client which gives me a positive ROI within 6 days”
Claire McTernan – Employee to Business Owner

“within two months I went from an average of one client per month from networking, to five clients”
Samantha Rollins, Trinity Accountants