Everyone else is at the networking meeting for their business, not yours

There is one simple way by which you can have much more success at networking meetings.
And that is to understand simply why everyone else is there, and then play to that, rather than playing against it.
Whenever I start a presentation at a networking event I ask people to put their hands up if they are there for the sake of their business. Usually some people wonder if I’m asking some sort of trick question so most of the hands go up, but not all of them.
Then I ask who is there for the sake of my business. Nobody’s hand goes up. Nobody.
And this intrigues me. Because bearing in mind that I am the only person at that event who is there for the sake of my business, who is likely to listen if I stand up and start talking about my business? Just me? Well that’s no good, because I’m not buying.
Particularly when you perform your 40 or 60 second introduction at any networking event, try to talk in terms of what the other people in the room might be buying, rather than what you’re selling – there is a big difference.
Rather than give people a long list of features, think about the benefits and think about, particularly, why the other people in the room might want to ask you for a 121 and find out more.
Your introduction at any networking event is NOT to tell people all about what you do. The point of the introduction is to give people enough that they want to find out more and not so much that they feel they don’t need to talk to you.
If you get this right, if you work out how to put your introduction across in a way which really sells what the benefit would be of having a further conversation with you, you really can start those conversations which will lead to opportunities.
Here’s what I would get into your introduction:

  • Start by making sure you’ve got their attention
  • Use words which convey the benefits, not the features, of what you do
  • Make sure you explain to people what the outcome of working with you will be
  • Use a testimonial from someone who has worked with you, or bought from you, and what the positive outcome was for them
  • Help people by explaining what they need to do next to take the conversation further.

You go to networking events for the sake of your own business, everyone else does the same. The great thing is, you can turn that to your mutual advantage.

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