Forthcoming speaking gigs – where to catch me during 2015

I was doing some planning last night and realised that I have 14 forthcoming speaking gigs during 2015. That’s so far and I’m writing this on the 1st March. I’ve still got loads of enquiries out there and dates to be confirmed.
I wrote a post on the 4Networking website a while back entitled “How to get speaking engagements using 4Networking”. I can prove this stuff works. 14 gigs doesn’t happen by accident and that’s on top of the stuff I’ve already done this year.
Here’s where to catch me if you fancy seeing me speak. I will also be hanging around at each of these events if you want a chat about networking:
And PS – if you want to book me to speak at your event, get in touch.














“I implemented one more thing from the Retreat and it has resulted in a new client which gives me a positive ROI within 6 days”
Claire McTernan – Employee to Business Owner

“within two months I went from an average of one client per month from networking, to five clients”
Samantha Rollins, Trinity Accountants