How to follow up after networking events #2

I hope you read yesterday’s article, but if not, you will find it here – “How to follow up after networking events #1”. In that article we talked about why you need to follow up, as well as looking at the difference between Active Follow Up, and Passive Follow Up.
Today I want to spend a bit of time on Actively Following Up.
This is what you need to do when you’ve been to a networking meeting and someone has expressed an active interest in what you do. They may have said they actually need your services or at least are open to a further conversation about it.
If you feel, during a 121, that your services might be appropriate for the person you’re speaking to, it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask them for a follow up call, and you should.
Very often, during the networking meeting, we will say something like “I’ll give you a call next Tuesday and hopefully we can arrange another time to talk”. The really weird thing is that what people hear, is that you’re going to call them next Tuesday and the damning reality is that very often that doesn’t happen. That person might have been expecting your call. They might even have been looking forward to it. And then we go and break the first promise we make to them.
If someone has expressed an interest in learning more about your service, you owe it to you, your business and them to make sure you follow that up.
Here is how I work, some of you are reading this because I have followed this exact process with you. At the end of the 121 or conversation at a networking meeting I will ask permission to follow up. Then, on the day I promised to call I will do so. All I am looking to do in that call is organise another time to speak. It isn’t time to go for the sale yet, as I have no idea which one of my services, if any, is appropriate for the person I’m talking to. We need another conversation to find out what they’re looking for, and which is my services might help (if any, I am always perfectly prepared to walk away if I cannot help them).
Specifically at the end of a networking event, I will add the details of any person I have met to my CRM and make sure I also add a “todo” to call them on the day we agreed.
I always follow up by call and never by Email. Remember when we used to be excited when we received an Email? And remember how this morning you “filed” a load of Emails without reading them because your inbox has become so full? Don’t become one of those Emails. Pick up the ‘phone and have an actual conversation, they rock.
If you don’t have a sales process, you need to work on working one out which works for you. Having some sort of process will give you the confidence to move the sale forward at every stage, rather than just waiting and hoping.
If someone has expressed an actual interest in what you’re doing, take the initiative and move that conversation forward, it won’t move on all by itself, you need to do it.

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