Making it easy for people to buy from you

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A couple of weeks ago I met a lady at a networking event. She did follow up with my by Email the next day and her Email read along the lines of – “lovely to meet you, I think what I do would be great for your business, when can you next come to <A TOWN QUITE A LONG WAY AWAY> so we can have coffee and I can tell you about it”.
Firstly, 10/10 for even following up. You know it’s a bugbear of mine that far too many people don’t follow up after networking events.
But if you want to sell to me, why are you expecting me to come to you? Why not suggest that you come to me. Come to that, it’s 2015 the telephone has been invented and so has Skype, Facetime, webinars and Google Hangouts. Now we’ve met we could very easily have had a conversation that didn’t involve either of us travelling.
There are so many examples of people putting all the legwork into networking and building an audience, and then putting obstacles in the way of people ever buying from them.
Think about what you do. Are you making it easy for people to buy from you? Or are you setting anyone who shows an interest a virtual obstacle course before they part with any money?
Here’s another, personal example. People often ask if they can buy my book at networking events and in the past, if they didn’t have a tenner on them at that moment, my only other option was to send them an Amazon link. Nowadays I carry a credit card terminal with me. If people are in the mood to buy, I make it easy for them to do so there and then, before the moment passes and they get distracted by something else. Result? I now sell 50% more books at networking events than I used to.
Instead of building obstacles, build shortcuts. Let people get to you and your services as simply and quickly as possible.

“I implemented one more thing from the Retreat and it has resulted in a new client which gives me a positive ROI within 6 days”
Claire McTernan – Employee to Business Owner

“within two months I went from an average of one client per month from networking, to five clients”
Samantha Rollins, Trinity Accountants