Networking – Topping up your "trust bank"

A little while ago I wrote an article about the importance of Aiming to be the first to give value every time in every networking relationship (and possibly in any relationship).
Then I got chatting yesterday to my friend and inspirational speaker Taz Thornton, and she talked about the concept of a “trust bank”, and I really liked her thoughts on this.
The conversation which Taz and I had revolved around how one of the things which Taz loves about Anchor is the lack of automation. So the timeline is a real conversation, with none of the automated messages we now see on Twitter.
Taz’s point, which she made very well, was that as I top up that trust bank amongst my followers, if and when I advertise a product, or offer my services, they are more likely to take notice, that if I simply had an automated feed constantly selling to them. Effectively I am earning myself the “right” to occasionally advertise to the people in my network.
What I try to do, is to put out content which I believe will be useful to the people who follow me, and I make a guess that they are likely to be interested in networking, as that is how most people find me.
As I “prove” to people that a) I know what I’m talking about and b) that I’m prepared to give them valuable information for free, then, in Taz’s words I am topping up my trust bank. I am speeding up the process by which people like, know and trust me.
Crucially in business, I am speeding up the process whereby people are comfortable to do business with me, or refer one of their contacts to do business with me.
Think about how you are building up credit in your trust bank. Think about how you actively try to move people through the Meet-Like-Know-Trust process, rather than passively hoping they are.
Excellent ways to do so are to:

  • Pass referrals to others
  • Put out content that delivers value – whether that is in the form of articles, videos, podcasts or any other educational content
  • Like, comment on and share content from your contacts

The more you top up that “trust bank” the more people are likely to listen to you, when you have something to sell.
If you want to hear the anchor conversation between Taz and I, you can find it underneath, although I should warn you I am a bit sweary.

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