One sure fire way to get your content noticed

I work with a lot of people helping them with their business networking skills. As part of this I always make sure they are delivering content to their audience and that they are sharing that on social media.
Content marketing is certainly not my area of expertise. If I’m looking for advice on content, blogging, or emerging platforms I always turn to Chris Marr of The Content Marketing Academy.
But what I do know, is that having brilliant content, even awesome content, isn’t enough.
It is a VERY noisy world out there. Everyone is producing better and better content in an attempt to get noticed. Just look at the quality of a load of the videos on YouTube, the articles on Medium and the images on Instagram and Snapchat (I didn’t mention Twitter, must write a blog about that too). There is some truly excellent content out there, and some people have made a huge name for themselves by producing just that.
But they didn’t just produce excellent content, they got out there and engaged with others. They assembled their crowd at the same time as building their library of content. They showed real and genuine interest in other people and their content.
One of the ways that I get my content noticed, is that I make significant effort to notice other people’s content as well. What do you think happens when I spend time reading the content that my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook connections put out there? When I like, comment on and share their stuff. You know what happens? They look back at my stuff too.
For any of you who have been following my content for a while you know that a recurring theme is that you should aim to be interested before you ever try to be interesting (with massive apologies to Dale Carnegie for misquoting him). You should always try to be the first to give value in any relationship. In networking, on social, and in your content.
A lot of my feeds now, particularly Twitter, are full of people putting out really brilliant content. But they’re shouting to an empty room. Broadcasting will never be as effective as engaging. Whilst you’re broadcasting, your audience are switching their attention to the people who are paying attention to them.
A sure fire way of getting your content noticed, is to notice other people’s content first. Every time someone pays attention to your content, they are paying you a massive compliment, because there is so much more content out there they could pay attention to. Make sure you thank those people, make sure you actually talk to them, on whatever platform they talked to you on.
Broadcasting in 2016 is ridiculously easy. Actually engaging and spending time with the people who will become your audience, your prospects and your customers – that requires time, effort and dedication to it. And the really opportunity, is that hardly anyone will bother, so those few that do, are the ones who stand out.

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