Planning your networking for 2016 – Part One

Have you got a plan in place for your networking in 2016?
Are you intending to build a solid crowd locally?
Or develop your contacts regionally or nationally?
Or maybe your strategy is something else?

However you have decided to grow your network and your business in 2016, you need to ensure that your networking activity is planned and in your diary. Far too often people have grand plans, but then don’t put the activity in place to follow it through.
If you’re looking to build a local network, get booked into your local meetings. If you’re developing regionally or nationally, then look at how you intend to do that and start speaking to the local teams at the networking events in the areas you plan to go to.
One little tip – it’s not enough to just pop in once. If you’re building your business in another part of the country, make a plan to get there several times, as regularly as possible. The person who just arrives once and then is never seen again is rarely able to build up the trust with the people who may do business with them.
I’ve been very strategic about my networking activity in the first quarter of 2016. I am using my time twice as much as I can, booking networking events where I already have existing clients to see, or am already booked locally for a speaking engagement. That way, I only have one lot of petrol and travelling, and make sensible use of my time.
If you’re working between Christmas and New Year, take a look at your diary and see how you will fit in your networking in 2016.
Here’s what my plan looks like (Tweet me or message me on Facebook or LinkedIn if our paths are going to cross) – Stefan Thomas Speaking Engagements 2016.
I’m looking forward to an awesome 2016, and very much hope you are too.

“I implemented one more thing from the Retreat and it has resulted in a new client which gives me a positive ROI within 6 days”
Claire McTernan – Employee to Business Owner

“within two months I went from an average of one client per month from networking, to five clients”
Samantha Rollins, Trinity Accountants