Social media – jumping to the "shiny new thing"

At the time of writing, over the last few days I have been enjoying getting stuck into If you’re on Anchor, go find me and add me, if you’re not, I think it is well worth looking at (or should that be listening to?).
In exploring Anchor, and making new connections over there, I have been very keen to also maintain my existing networks, particularly on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I’ve spent years building and strengthening those relationships, so of course I want to nurture them.
But it strikes me, as I watch some people’s behaviour on social, that they don’t just go and explore the new thing, whether that be Snapchat, Facebook Live, or last year Periscope; but that they almost jump ship, abandoning the work they’ve put into building their crowd on existing social platforms.
If I’ve learnt anything about using social for marketing it is this. There is no one platform or channel which is going to magically manifest business for your business. There may be some channels you are more comfortable using and there may be some channels where you are more likely to find your target market.
I find the same applies in business networking. People sometimes spend time and energy building relationships in one group, then, sometimes immediately before they are about to start actually gaining some traction, they abandon it in favour of the shiny new group, where they are convinced they are more likely to make quicker sales.
It’s like digging for gold, getting 5’10” down and deciding to give up and go and dig the hole somewhere else. The gold was only 2 inches further, you just didn’t know.
Building relationships on social and in business networking takes effort and application. If you leave those relationships behind, all of that effort goes to waste, and your profile and reputation within that community starts to dwindle, (works the same, the next shiny thing comes along that offers a similar service to you and people start paying attention to that instead).
I am a huge advocate of exploring the new social media channels as they emerge. It’s a pain that none of us can predict which one will be the next big thing, and it’s fantastic that even the smaller platforms can be really important if used right. But work out how much time you have to put into the next shiny thing, without diminishing the work you’ve already put in on the existing platforms.
And yes, before you say it, I know you only have limited time – the great thing is that we are all in the same boat and all trying to work out where best to spend that time.

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