Why Star Wars – The Force Awakens is relevant to your networking introduction

I’m writing this on the 19th October 2015. This date is relevant for a couple of reasons.
Firstly because a new poster for Star Wars – The Force Awakens appeared on the official Star Wars Facebook page yesterday.
Secondly because tickets for the film became available for sale this morning. I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say this is one of the most anticipated film releases for a very long time (particularly if you’re a 45 year old who saw the original Star Wars for my eighth birthday treat).
And this is why I think the poster is SO relevant to your 40 or 60 second introduction at networking.
On the internet and social media right now, EVERYONE who is interested in the film has spotted and is talking about two things about the poster which are designed to intrigue us. Namely “where is Luke Skywalker?” and “is that a Death Star?”. The poster is asking more questions than it is answering. The poster is making us even more keen to see the film and find out the answers to the questions. The poster is adding to the frenzy of hype that is building up and, guess what, the poster hit the internet 24 hours before tickets became available.
What I often spot at networking events is that people use their 40 or 60 second introduction to tell us EVERYTHING about them, leaving no questions unanswered. They fill their time with details of exactly what they do, when they were established, what their qualifications are, how much they charge etc etc etc.
Your introduction should leave people with questions that they need to talk to you to get the answer too. When you present your introduction give people enough that they want to find out more, and not so much that they feel they understand exactly what you do, and don’t need to find out more.
When I work with people, I explain to them that your introduction is the start of the conversation. It is intended to get people talking, to encourage them to ask you for a further conversation.
If Disney had put a poster and a trailer out giving away big bits of the plot, we might not feel like we need to see the film, or at least we might not be as excited. By giving away enough that we want to find out more, they have left us all reaching for our wallets and asking…..
Is Luke Skywalker actually Kylo Ren?

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