Why the right time is as important as the right place

I get accused, quite often now, of just “being in the right place at the right time”. Well, when you’re in as many places as me (check my schedule for this year HERE) I guess some of the time they may be right.
But there’s something important I want to write about, and that is why your timing is as important as anything else you do at networking.
Someone posted recently that they had been attending networking events for almost five months, and yet nobody had bought what they were offering. They had regularly attended, delivered the best 40 second introduction they could come up with, and yet, nobody had bitten.
Here’s the thing. I might have LOVED their 40 seconds this morning, but just didn’t need what they were selling today. I still love what they’ve got to say in two weeks, in fact I still love what they’re saying in five months, but right now, I just don’t need what they’re selling.
In my case, I didn’t need an accountant, as I already had one who I was very happy with. There were some brilliant presentations from accountants at all of the networking events which I went to, but I just didn’t need their services right now.
And then my accountant retired. So all of a sudden I was listening, intently. Not just in networking meetings, but to those who were keeping in touch with me on social as well. And I chose a new accountant. Until that point I had no need, no matter how good the other accountants were, the timing simply wasn’t right for me.
DFS advertise on the telly every single night because they don’t know when you are going to decide to buy a new sofa. You’re aware of their adverts, but until you actively want a new sofa, you don’t really pay close attention.
With so many opportunities to keep in touch with people in 2016, those that do often win the business.
If you want to speed up the process, and make more sales from networking more quickly, the answer is simple – keep yourself in front of more people by doing any, or all, of the following:

  • Attend more networking events (but make sure you’re doing the rest of these, just attending isn’t enough)
  • Follow up with the people you’ve met – always
  • Actively engage on social media (doesn’t mean just scheduling some tweets)
  • Blog, Vlog, write articles, give people value and build their respect and trust
  • Do the speaker slot at networking events – this can massively accelerate the Meet-Like-Know-Trust process
  • Be the first to give value in every relationship, which might mean passing referrals out, might mean something else, but be the first every time
  • And remember that people go to networking meetings for the sake of their own business first and foremost. Understand that and you will be hugely ahead of most people who go networking.

You want to sell this month. The people at your networking group might not need to buy. Do more, expand your audience, look at your follow up process. By all means be impatient, but understand at the same time that you can’t force people to buy, until they want what you have to sell.

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