Why you need a different introduction for each networking event

Over the years I’ve attended over 1000 different networking events, and worked with hundreds of people to help improve their results from networking.

One area where I find people can make really significant improvements is by paying just a little more attention to their 40 or 60 second introduction, and realising that one size fits all really won’t work.

Superficially, the introduction at each networking event appears the same. You are either eating, or have just eaten breakfast, and you stand up and speak for about a minute.

But if you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll see that the point of the introduction, af different types of networking events, is different. Tailoring your introduction to the event can hugely improve the results you achieve as a result.

Some examples:

At 4Networking, the point of your introduction is to encourage the other attendees to want to have a 121 with you. Your introduction therefore needs to work towards that aim, giving people just enough that they are intrigued and want to find out more, and not so much that they feel they don’t need to speak to you.

At BNI your introduction is designed to educate the other members and visitors in the room to the type of referrals you are looking for. In which case you should have thought this through in advance and be hyper specific – even mentioning the actual name of the person you would like to speak to.

And there are more flavours of networking for which the introduction needs a different approach. Last Friday I was at a networking event where the 60 second introduction was all we had. The call to action then needed to be different again as this was my chance to sell my services.

Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation ” and the forty or sixty second intro is often the start of that conversation. Get this right and you can start as many conversations as possible, in a way that will lead to more business.


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